3.7    Academic Expectations

To graduate as a University Scholar with USP certification, students must complete the USP requirements and achieve at least an Honours (Merit) degree in the Home Faculty.

Each student whose cumulative average point (CAP) is below 3.5 for any semester will receive a warning that his or her academic performance is inadequate. Students with inadequate academic performance will be counselled.

At the end of their second year, students are required to have completed at least three USP modules (applicable to Cohort 2015 and earlier) or six USP modules (applicable to Cohort 2016 and onwards). USP students from the Faculty of Law will be required to complete at least 5 USP modules (including USP Foundation modules) by the end of their third year (applicable to Cohort 2016 and onwards). Those who have not will be asked to produce justification, and a study plan on how they aim to complete the programme.

In addition, students are expected to participate actively in learning-beyond-the-classroom activities offered by USP. They are also encouraged to gain significant international experience through study abroad opportunities offered by USP, NUS and others, including student exchanges, overseas internships and attachments, international summer programmes, overseas expeditions and community projects, and international conferences and leadership forums.