3.4.2    Internship Programmes

The credit-bearing internship programmes offered by the Departments within SDE are listed below.

For updated information, please visit SDE’s internship page. For a list of other internship opportunities, please visit Centre for Future-ready Graduates (CFG)’s internship page.


Architecture Internship Programme – Department of Architecture

The internship programme aims to provide opportunities for third year undergraduates to work in architectural or allied firms or organisations with design centric focus to gain the exposure and experience and apply the knowledge learnt in school in the professional setting.

Students are required to perform a structured and supervised internship in a company/organization for a minimum of 8 weeks during Special Terms or 24 weeks during the regular Semester. Weekly logbook as well as internship reports will be used a part of the evaluation of their internship experience.


Practical Training Scheme – Department of Building

BSc (Project and Facilities Management) students may undertake a twelve-week-long Practical Training Scheme which is normally held at the end of the second semester in the Third Level. The aim of this scheme is to give students essential real-life work exposure in Singapore or abroad. The Department finds suitable placements with an organisation in the construction or real estate industry for students, and their work is supervised by a staff member of the Department, and a senior person within the organisation to which they are attached.

The module will contribute 4 MCs and a CS/CU grade is awarded.


Real Estate Internship Programme – Department of Real Estate

The Real Estate Internship Programme (REIP) is a partnership between industry and academia in the provision of real estate education and training. It provides opportunities during the university vacation for internship training in mainstream private property companies as well as public institutions that serve the industry.

The Department will liaise with reputable organisations that are able to provide quality training and exposure for the undergraduates. Participation in the REIP is offered to BSc (Real Estate) undergraduates after a rigorous application and selection process. The minimum duration of an internship is ten weeks.

This module will contribute 4 MCs and a CS/CU grade is awarded.


Work Experience Internship – All Departments

Undergraduate students may undertake an approved internship of at least 10 weeks in duration during the vacation period. This module is opened to full-time undergraduate students who have completed at least 60 MCs.* The module recognises that work experiences in fields that may or may not be directly related to the student’s major can lead to viable career pathways.

The module will contribute 4 MCs and a CS/CU grade is awarded.

*Departments may impose additional requirements or pre-requisites.