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The requirement for the Minor Programme in Real Estate is 24 MCs. To satisfy this requirement, students must read outside their major, the following modules offered by the Department of Real Estate. All modules are worth 4 MCs.

Students will read 2 compulsory foundation modules – RE1701 Urban Land Use & Development and RE1705 Real Estate Finance & Accounting. The remaining 16 MCs can be a combination of modules from Level 1000 to Level 3000. These are listed in Table 1.

In addition, students can only read a maximum of 12 MCs of Level 1000 modules (including the compulsory modules).


Table 1: Structure of Minor in Real Estate

Level Module Code Module Name
Level 1000 RE1701 Urban Land Use and Development (Compulsory)
RE1702 Real Estate Data Analytics
RE1703 Principles of Law for Real Estate
RE1704 Principles of Real Estate Economics
RE1705 Real Estate Finance and Accounting (Compulsory)
RE1706 Design and Construction
RE1901 Real Estate Wealth Management
Maximum of Three Level 1000 Modules
Level 2000 RE2701 Urban Planning (pre-req: RE1701)
RE2702 Land Law (pre-req: RE1703)
RE2704 Introduction to Real Estate Valuation
RE2705 Urban Economics (pre-req: RE1704)
RE2706 Real Estate Finance (pre-req: RE1705)
RE2707 Asset and Property Management (pre-req: RE1706)
Fulfillment of the pre-requisite modules is needed
Level 3000 RE3701 Real Estate Investment Analysis (pre-req: RE2706)
RE3702 Property Tax and Statutory Valuation (pre-req: RE2704)
RE3703 Advanced Real Estate Economics (pre-req: RE2705)
RE3704 Real Estate Marketing
RE3802 Real Estate Finance Law (pre-req: RE2702)
RE3803 Strategic Asset Management (pre-req: RE2707)
RE3804 Real Estate Development Law (pre-req: RE2702)
RE3805 Corporate Investment in Real Estate (pre-req: RE3701)
RE3806 Advanced Real Estate Valuation (pre-req: RE3702)
RE3807 Corporate Finance for Real Estate (pre-req: RE3701)
RE3901 Advanced Urban Planning (pre-req: RE2701)
RE3902 Housing Markets and Policies
RE3903 GIS for Real Estate
Fulfillment of the pre-requisite modules is needed


For more details of modules offered in the respective semester, please email Mdm Srividya at or call 65161341.