Sidebar    Department of Architecture Financial Assistance and Scholarships

  • Tun Tan Cheng Lock Scholarship
  • Lee Kip Lin Bursary
  • Kumpulan Akitek Prize
  • ONG & ONG Travelling Fellowship
  • SAA EnReach Study Grant


Tun Tan Cheng Lock Scholarship

This is a one off scholarship valued at $4500 and is set up to support research in the area of urban and architectural heritage in Southeast Asia.  The Department will provide another $2000 per academic year for publication and exhibition of the projects. Up to 4 Scholarships will be awarded to students under the following categories each year:

  1. Up to two undergraduate students in third/fourth year of study in the Department and or
  2. One graduate student in the Department and/or
  3. Up to two undergraduate or graduate students in accredited architectural programmes in other universities, preferably in Southeast Asia.

The basis of award corresponds to the 3 categories of students:

  1. The scholarship supports the undergraduates on projects that require travelling within Southeast Asia.
  2. Research project related or connected to design thesis, dissertation or similar academic exercises. The study should preferably focus on urban and architecture heritage.
  3. The area of study should be related to disciplines of the built environment, such as environmental design, landscape architecture, urban and architectural heritage & management, urban studies or urban planning.

Recipients are required to put up an exhibition of their research/studies at the Tun Tan Cheng Lock Centre upon the completion of their projects.


Lee Kip Lin Bursary

The Lee Kip Lin Bursary is established by Mrs. Lee Li Ming to commemorate the life of her late husband, Associate Professor Lee Kip Lin in architectural education. Associate Professor Lee Kip Lin was an influential teacher in the Department of Architecture where he taught for five years between 1976 and 1984 and as an intrepid and independent scholar of architectural and urban history of Singapore.

2 bursaries, each valued at $7,500 will be awarded in each academic year, starting AY2013/14. Applicants should be full-time undergraduates reading the BA (Architecture) programme and shortlisted candidates will be interviewed by the Selection Committee.


Kumpulan Akitek Prize

The top 5% of the best students in design from the second to fourth year of study in the BA (Architecture) programme will be invited to form their own team, preferably drawn from each of the three years. This is to encourage the spirit of team-work and group learning. Winners of the prize which is a one-off grant of $10,000 must work together to develop a design-research undertaking.

Though the teams are given flexibility to explore thematic issues of the time and their interests, the following are highly encouraged:

  1. Ecological Design in the Tropics
  2. Cultural Continuity and Traditional Forms in the contemporary settings
  3. Design for Society


ONG & ONG Travelling Fellowship

Up to 2 Travelling Fellowships will be offered to BA (Arch) Level 4 students proceeding to NUS M (Arch) studies and/or M (Arch) students from any of the Research Teaching Groups in the Department each year. The value of each award is up to $10,000. Selection is based on the strength of proposed study & travel plan and academic excellence.


SAA EnReach Study Grant

The study grant is donated by SAA Architects (Singapore) commencing AY2015/16 with the aim of providing bursaries for financially needy Singaporean students enrolled at the Department of Architecture. The grant will be awarded to up to two students per academic year.

Each grant valued at S$5000 per year will be effective for two academic years to support the same student throughout his/her course of study in Year 3 and 4, subject to the student meeting the criteria (if any) set by the University from time to time in its policies for the award of bursaries.

The gift will help to ensure that the Department will always be accessible to talented students from the widest possible backgrounds.