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The School of Design and Environment is known for its strong education, research and service in Singapore’s built environment. This reputation is based on its long history of the creation and impartation of knowledge, fostering of innovation and enterprise in Architecture, Industrial and Urban Design, Building and Real Estate.

The School comprises three departments: Architecture, Building, Real Estate, and one division: Industrial Design.

The Division of Research and Graduate Studies spearheads graduate research and teaching programmes and promotes inter and multidisciplinary research among the various disciplines of the built environment.

Degree programmes in building and estate management were first offered in 1969 in the then Department of Building and Estate Management. This was subsequently changed to the School of Building and Real Estate. In June 2000, the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Real Estate changed its name to the School of Design & Environment. As a result of this change, Building and Real Estate were established as separate departments.

The Industrial Design degree programme was first offered in 1999 in the Department of Architecture. Since June 2010, the programme has been independent and established as a separate division.


The Department of Architecture aims to nurture creative global designers and critical thinkers for the Built Environment to shape Asia’s future and the world.

The mission of the Department of Building is to advance knowledge, educate students, and foster enterprise in project and facilities management.

The Department of Real Estate aims to develop leaders and advance knowledge for the global real estate industry.

The Division of Industrial Design aims to make life better through design by equipping students with trans-disciplinary skills and thinking processes required to find unmet needs, and to solve the complex problems involved in creating viable new products, experiences, interfaces and environments.

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