4.3.7    Cheong Koon Hean Scholarship

The Cheong Koon Hean Scholarship is established by Dr Cheong Koon Hean who is the CEO of Housing Development Board (HDB) since 2010. Up to three scholarships, each valued at S$9400 will be given out to deserving Master of Urban Planning (MUP) and Master of Arts in Urban Design (MAUD) Singaporean students in each year with effect from AY2017/2018.

The scholarship will be effective for one academic year for MAUD students. For MUP students, the scholarship will be effective for two academic years to support the same student throughout his/her course of study in MUP Year 1 and 2, subject to the student meeting the criteria (if any) set by the University from time to time in its policies for the award.