Sidebar    Master of Science in Real Estate

Programme Objectives

The programme curriculum provides an up-to-date programme that is grounded in academic rigour and relevant in its coverage of the industry’s needs. The programme is designed to provide a strong foundation in strategic decisions within the real estate development process. The structure also allows sufficient flexibility for candidates to develop their interest in other specialised areas.

Entry Requirements

  • At least a bachelor’s degree with honours in a relevant discipline.
  • Candidates should have at least two years of relevant practical experience.
  • TOEFL/IELTS score is required for applicants whose medium of undergraduate instruction is not in English.

At the point of application, GRE scores are not compulsory. For all coursework programmes, additional requirements may be stipulated later, e.g. when prospective applicants come from universities whose academic standards are not known. These may include GRE scores.

Graduation Requirements

To graduate, a candidate must
•    Pass 5 essential modules (20 MCs worth)
•    Pass 3 – 5 elective modules (20 MCs worth) (of which 2 can be Cross Faculty Modules)
•    Achieve a minimum Cumulative Average Point (CAP) of 3.00 which is equivalent to an average grade of B-;
•    Not fail two or more modules in any semester for a full-time candidate or in any year of study for part-time candidates.

Period of Candidature

Candidates graduate after completing the 40 Modular Credit programme within a maximum period of four semesters for full-time candidates, and six semesters for part-time candidates. On average, the programme requirements can be completed in one year on a full-time basis, or in one and a half years on a part-time basis.

A full-day session, lasting one week, will be held at the beginning of Semester One of Year One. This is followed by evening classes, typically two to three times per week. Some elective modules may be offered on full-day sessions. The full-time programme is integrated with the part-time programme.

Essential Modules Offered in
RE5001 Real Estate Development (4 MCs) Semester 1
RE5003 Real Estate Investment (4 MCs) Semester 1
RE5004 Real Estate Economics (4 MCs) Semester 1
RE5005 Real Estate Finance (4 MCs) Semester 2
RE5013 Urban Policy & Real Estate Markets (4 MCs) Semester 2
Elective Modules
RE5000 Dissertation (8 MCs) Semester 1 &  2
RE5006 Portfolio and Asset Management (4 MCs) Semester 2
RE5009 Commercial Real Estate Appraisal (4 MCs) Semester 1
RE5010 Special Seminar (4 MCs) Semester 2
RE5011 International Field Study (8 MCs) Semester 2
RE5014 RE Investment Trusts & Property Funds (4 MCs) Semester 1
RE5015 Spatial Information Systems (SIS) for Urban Planning (4 MCs) Semester 1
RE5016 Real Estate Securitisation (4 MCs) Semester 2
RE5017 Real Estate Case Study (4 MCs) Semester 2
RE5018 Statutory Valuation (4 MCs) Semester 2