Sidebar    Master of Landscape Architecture

Programme Objective

The Master of Landscape Architecture (M (LA)) is offered as a two-year, full-time professional degree programme. Modules are taught by highly qualified staff from the School of Design & Environment’s Department of Architecture, who bring to the curriculum in-depth practical experience and cutting edge research.

The programme is unique in its focus on the urban elements of landscape architecture. This emphasis distinguishes it from many traditional landscape schools which focus on rurality or sub-urbanity. The M (LA) programme aims to develop specialised knowledge which addresses the challenges facing Asian cities and mega cities situated in the tropics. With as much as two thirds of the world’s population living in the tropics and the sheer richness in variety of flora and fauna, this Asian context poses a thought-provoking challenge for urban landscape designers.

In addition, the programme’s location in Singapore allows students access to a veritable landscape architecture design laboratory for new urban landscape concepts such as vertical greenery, sky-rise greenery and urban green networks.

Entry Requirements

This is a two-year full-time professional degree programme providing education and training in landscape architecture. The programme consists of 15 essential modules spread over two years: Masters Preparatory Year and Masters Final Year.

Students with a previous Bachelor degree in Landscape Architecture recognised by the Department of Architecture and Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects will be admitted to the preparatory year which is similar to the 4th year of the Bachelor of Arts (Architecture) (specialisation in Landscape Architecture) programme.

Candidates are required to pass all the modules in the preparatory programme with a minimum B- average for LA4701 and LA4702 and minimum CAP of 2.50 before they are allowed to proceed to the one-year M (LA) final year programme.

Graduation Requirements

The M (LA) programme requires a candidate to complete 40 MCs of a dissertation and six essential modules. To graduate, students have to fulfil the additional requirements of:

  • Minimum CAP of 3.00 and
  • Minimum grade B- for both LA5701 and LA5702

Period of Candidature

The programme shall be conducted on a full-time basis lasting two years consisting of four semesters. The maximum period of candidature is limited to six semesters.

M (LA) Year 1 – Preparatory Programme                                                                                 MCs
Semester 1
LA4701      MLA Studio: Quarter 8
LA4203    History and Theory of Landscape Architecture 4
LA5301    Geo Design 4
Elective 4
Semester 2
LA4702      MLA Studio: City 8
LA4202      Planting Design 4
LA4212    Topics in Tropical Forest Ecology 4
LA5302      Detail Design 4
Total MCs 40
M (LA) Year 2 – Master of Landscape Architecture  MCs
Semester 1
LA5701      MLA Studio: Country 8
LA5201      Policy of Landscape 4
LA5222      Urban Ecology and Design 4
Elective 4
Semester 2
LA5702      MLA Studio: Region 8
LA5303      Urban Greening: Technologies And Techniques 4
LA5742      Dissertation 8
Total MCs 40