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Programme Objectives

The Master of Arts (Urban Design) programme is an intensive course that aims to inculcate in graduates the ability to study the city in more complex and inclusive terms and to design successful urban spaces that take into careful consideration current and future users based on an understanding of a wide range of issues including those impinging on economics, ecology, sociology, environmental psychology, technology, urban geography, cultural theory to real estate.

The primary aim of the Master of Arts (Urban Design) is to offer a broad-based education in the theory and practice of urban design to enhance the knowledge and abilities of professionals involved in the design, creation, and evaluation of urban spaces.

Entry Requirements

  • Bachelor of Architecture / Bachelor of Arts (Architecture) (Hons) OR Master of Architecture OR Honours / Graduate degree in a related discipline (minimum 4-year undergraduate degree is required)
  • Interview, and portfolio review where necessary
  • Relevant experience in a related discipline is preferred

Graduation Requirements

Successful completion of the programme requires a candidate to:
Option 1: Complete one dissertation and to pass six essential modules and one elective.
Option 2: Do two elective modules in lieu of Dissertation, i.e., Pass six essential modules (including urban design studios) and three elective modules.

Total number of Modular Credits required is 44. Minimum CAP for graduation is 3.00.

Period of Candidature

The programme can be completed in one year on a full-time basis, or in two years on a part-time basis. The maximum period of candidature is four semesters for full-time candidates, and six semesters for part-time candidates.

Field Trip

Urban Design Studio 2 (UD5602) will include a compulsory one-week international workshop in the form of a field trip to a regional city to work with the relevant local planning/design authority and academic institution (cost of field trip borne by the student).


(Elective modules listed may not be offered in any one academic semester or year.)

* For students who choose to do two electives in lieu of Dissertation

 UD5641 Dissertation 8 2
 UD5601 Urban Design Studio 1 8 8 1
 UD5602 Urban Design Studio 2 8 8 2
 UD5221 Theory and Elements of Urban Design 4 4 1
 UD5521 Planning Process: Quantitative and Policy Dimensions 4 4 1
 UD5622 Methods of Urban Design and Urban Analysis 4 4 1
 UD5628 Sustainable Urban Design and Development 4 4 2
Min. 1 module offered in Department/School 4 12* 1 or 2
Total MCs 44 44