Sidebar    Minor in Information Systems


Information Technology (IT) has become a key component of organisations today. Its impact is felt from the way organisations are structured all the way to the design, development, manufacture and marketing of products. It enables organisational and operational processes. It is also embedded in products and services. It is vital that this key resource is efficiently managed.

The aim of this minor is to introduce students to the key concepts involved in the management of IT. The target audience for this minor consists of both users of technology as well as providers of technology. The course should benefit would-be managers, engineers and entrepreneurs.


To be awarded a minor in Information Systems, a student must pass a total of six modules, with a total of at least 24 MCs. The student must pass these three modules:

Set A

IT1001 Introduction to Computing 4
CS1101S or CS1010/E/J/S/X Programming Methodology ** 4
IS1103/X IS Innovations in Organisations and Society 4


Set B

CS1101S or CS1010/E/S/X Programming Methodology ** 4
CS2030 Programming Methodology II 4
IS1103 Ethics in Computing 4

**:  Students who are waived from completing CS1010 or its equivalent must complete another 4 MCs from the elective list below.

and any three modules from the following list

IS2102 Enterprise Systems Architecture and Design 4
IS2103 Enterprise Systems Server-side Design and Development 4
IS3103 Information Systems Leadership and Communication 4
IS3150 Digital Media Marketing 4
IS3221 Enterprise Resource Planning Systems 4
IS3240 Digital Platform Strategy and Architecture 4
IS3251 Principles of Technology Entrepreneurship 4
IS4204 IT Governance 4
IS4241 Social Media Network Analysis 4
IS4261 Designing IT-enabled Business Innovations 4

Some of these modules require prerequisites from outside this list. Students must have the prerequisites to take them.