Sidebar    Minor in Artificial Intelligence


The minor in Artificial Intelligence (AI) programme aims to equip students as follows:

  • Understand different ways of modelling data and real-world scenarios computationally;
  • Be able to model a real-world problem into the appropriate form (such as optimization, classification, regression, clustering, or association);
  • Be able to apply the appropriate artificial intelligence or machine learning techniques to solve the problem;
  • Understand common pitfalls and limitations of existing techniques


The Minor in AI programme offers direct admission. Students applying for the Minor in AI must meet the entry requirement:

  • For diploma holders: Diploma with at least an A2 grade in GCE O-level Elementary Mathematics or at least a B3 grade in GCE O level Additional Mathematics.
  • H2 pass in Computing or Mathematics or Physics; OR a good pass in H1 Mathematics.

Students from cohort 2016/17 or later can apply to enter in the Minor in AI programme after completing CS1010 or its equivalent with B+ or above.

The Minor in AI programme is not available to students in the following degree programmes:

  • BEng (Computer Engineering)
  • BComp (Information Systems)
  • BComp (Information Security)
  • BSc (Business Analytics)

    Continuation and graduation requirements

    The Minor in AI will be awarded to students who satisfied the 24 MCs ( or 28 MCs if students choose to complete the pair ST3248/ST4248) .

    For students following the enhanced grade-free scheme for S/U option: The S/U option is available for modules that are part of a student’s Minor requirements if they fall under the criteria stated for their cohort, and as long as the student has at least a minimum 16 MCs of the Minor requirement earned from modules read in NUS (i.e., graded modules with assigned grade points or modules with an ‘S’ or ‘CS’ grade).   The other 8 MCs may be earned through credit transfers, advanced placement and exemptions, provided these MCs are earned from modules deemed relevant to the particular Minor programme.

    Students are allowed to double count up to 8 MCs towards satisfying both the Minor in AI and their major programme requirements. The Minor in AI will be awarded to students who completed the 24 MCs minor requirement (28 MCs if students choose to complete the pair ST3248/ST4248).

    Students will need to complete the primary major requirements to graduate.


    To complete the Minor in AI, students are expected to complete 24 MCs of modules (or 28 MCs if students choose to complete the pair ST3248/ST4248).  The requirements are as follows:

     Modules MCs
     Core Modules 20 – 24 
     CS1010 Programming Methodology or its equivalent 4
     Either CS1231 Discrete Structures; or
    MA1100 Fundamental Concepts of Mathematics
     CS2040 Data Structures and Algorithms or its equivalent 4
     CS3243 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 4
    CS3244 Machine Learning; or

    IT3011 Introduction to Machine Learning and Applications; or
    (ST3248 Statistical Learning I and ST4248 Statistical Learning II)

     Elective Modules 4
     One level-4000 modules listed under BComp(CS) AI Focus Area,

    • CS4243 Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition *
    • CS4244Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
    • CS4246 AI Planning and Decision Making
    • CS4248 Natural Language Processing

    Grand Total 24  – 28

    *: Students may take EE4212 Computer Vision in place of CS4243.