3.4.5    University Scholars Programme

The University Scholars Programme (USP) is a bold initiative to develop the personal, intellectual and leadership abilities of promising men and women enrolled at the National University of Singapore.  It aims to foster active learners who can:

  • Think and write critically, clearly and effectively;
  • Synergise existing ideas, and create new ones;
  • Make path-breaking connections within a discipline and among diverse disciplines; and
  • Reflect deeply on themselves and their place in society.

The School of Computing is one of the participating faculties in the University Scholars Programme.  Computing students who are admitted to the USP are called University Scholars.  They can choose to read any one of these four-year honours programmes in the School:

  • Bachelor of Computing in Computer Science;
  • Bachelor of Computing in Information Security;
  • Bachelor of Computing in Information Systems;
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering; and
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Analytics.

Scholars will also have the unique privilege of declaring his or her final choice of faculty after three to four semesters (provided the criteria are met).

For details on the general University Scholars Programme requirements, please see the Scholars Programme website at:

Specific requirements for Computing degrees

Students in the University Scholars Programme (USP) who opt for the School of Computing can choose any of the four-year programmes from the School. For each of these programmes, USP students will have to meet the same degree requirements as other SoC students but with the following variations:

All USP students will be taking the following under the Scholars Programme:

The three-tier structure will be as follows:

  1. Foundations: 3 modules at 12 MCs

Three modules, all compulsory, are:

  • Writing and Critical Thinking
  • Quantitative Reasoning Foundation
  • University Scholars Seminar

The modules will be offered at level-2000.

  1. Inquiry: 8 modules at 32 MCs

Eight modules are divided equally between Humanities and Social Sciences and Sciences and Technologies baskets. Every USP student will take four modules from each basket. Students take at least one and up to three ISMs in place of regular inquiry modules. Each ISM will be counted as equivalent to one inquiry module in the appropriate basket. Modules will be offered at both levels 2000 and 3000, and will include current first-tier modules, and some current USP-based advanced modules.

  1. Reflection: 1 module at 4 MCs

A single module, the Senior Seminar, designed to bring students together towards the end of their degree in order to reflect on disciplinary knowledge.

Module Substitutions
Students taking single degrees will be able to substitute a maximum of four inquiry modules. SEP students will be able to substitute two inquiry modules per semester of overseas study.

Please refer to the USP website at: for more details.