3.2.5    Leave of Absence

Students who require leave of one semester or more should obtain approval in advance of the semester. They should first consult their academic advisors to understand the implications involved. Students must submit an online application via the Student Information System. Supporting documents must be attached with the application. For medical leave, students must submit the original copy of the medical certificates issued by registered general practitioners to the respective offices, by the next working day for the period of medical leave taken. For students in a Bachelor of Computing programme or Bachelor of Science in Business Analytics programme, all supporting documents must be submitted to the Office of Undergraduate Studies, School of Computing (COM1 #02-19). For students in Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Engineering) programme, all supporting documents must be submitted to Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Faculty of Engineering (E4-05-45).¬†Students who apply for term leave of absence beyond Instructional Week 2 are liable to pay fees for the entire semester.¬†Not having attended any classes nor utilizing university’s resources are not valid reasons to seek waiver from fee payment. Students who are granted leave before the end of the 2nd Instructional Week will have their modules removed from the records. Those granted leave due to medical reason beyond the 2nd Instructional Week will have Incomplete (IC) grades assigned to their modules. For LOA due to non-medical reason, Withdrawn (W) grades will be assigned to their modules. Students should apply for Special Consideration from examination instead if their application for term LOA starts from Reading week.