3.3.4    Double Degree Programmes

The NUS Business School offers the following double degree programmes:  Business Administration / Business Administration (Accountancy)* and Law (jointly offered with the Faculty of Law)  Business Administration / Business Administration (Accountancy)* and Engineering (jointly offered with the Faculty of Engineering)  Business Administration/ Business Administration (Accountancy)* and Business Analytics (jointly offered with the School of Computing)  Business Administration/ Business Administration (Accountancy)* and Computer Science/ Information Systems (jointly offered with the School of Computing)  Business Administration / Business Administration (Accountancy)* and Communications & New Media (jointly offered with the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences)  Business Administration/ Business Administration (Accountancy)* and Economics (jointly offered with the Department of Economics, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences)

*There is no direct admission for all double-degree programmes with Business Administration (Accountancy).  Interested students are advised to apply for late-entry admission through their home faculty at the end of their first year of study.  Non-business students must have obtained at least B+ for ACC1701X Accounting for Decision Makers and preferably also ACC2706 Managerial Accounting in order to be considered.

For more information on the specific double-degree programme requirements, please refer to the Business School website or that of the partner faculty.