3.2.1    Admission Requirements

  1. Applicants will be considered for admission based on the strength of their academic achievements and additional interviews/tests if required. Applicants would need to obtain good passes in the following subjects:

    H1/H2/H3 Curriculum

    Best four content subjects (i.e. 3 H2 and 1 H1 content-based* subjects, with at least 1 content subject to be from a contrasting discipline)

    ‘A’/‘AO’ Curriculum

    Best three ‘A’ Level content subjects

    General Paper (GP) or Knowledge Inquiry (KI)

    Either General Paper (GP) or Knowledge Inquiry (KI) subject taken in the same sitting with the H2/’A’ Level content-based subjects.

    Students may take KI in lieu of GP.  As KI is counted as two H1 subjects (one in place of GP and one for H1 requirement), students who take KI will not be required to take the H1 content-based subject.

    If your subject combination is beyond the norm, please refer to MOE’s website for more information.

    Project Work

    H1/‘AO’ Level Project Work

    Mother Tongue Language (MTL) Requirement

    Meet the Mother Tongue Language (MTL) requirement for admission by having one of the following*:

    • Minimum of D7 for the higher MTL paper taken at the ‘O’ Level examination.
    • Minimum of ‘S’/ ‘D7’ grade for the H1/‘AO Level’ MTL paper or General Studies in Chinese.
    • Minimum of ‘S’/‘O’ grade for the H2/‘A Level’ MTLL paper taken at the ‘A’ Level examination.
    • Pass in the MTL ‘B’ Syllabus paper at the ‘A’ Level examination.

    If you have been exempted from MTL, the MOE-approved subject-in-lieu will be considered as your MTL subject.

    *Applicants who are unable to fulfil the MTL requirement but satisfy all other admission requirements will be admitted to the University on a provisional basis. Applicants will be required to fulfil the MTL requirement before being permitted to graduate.