3.1.2    Minor in Public Health

Through the Minor in Public Health, students are able to explore the diversity of fields involved in public health. They will be given the opportunity to appreciate the multidisciplinary role of public health in preventing disease and improving the health of communities. Through the curriculum offered, students will develop the skills and approaches needed to characterise and address today’s public health challenges.

Curriculum Requirements:

24 modular credits (MCs) of the modules detailed below are required for the Minor in Public Health:


For students admitted from AY2015/2016 to AY2019/2020, please refer here for the curriculum requirements.

Core Modules (8 MCs)

  1. SPH2001 Fundamental Public Health Methods
  2. SPH2002 Public Health and Epidemiology

Elective Modules (16 MCs)

  1. At least 8 MCs at Level-3000 and above
  2. At least 8 MCs of SPH coded modules
  3. Maximum 4 MCs of SPH recognised Quantitative and Qualitative methods modules

For the list of elective modules, please visit here.

For more information on modules offered by SSHSPH, please refer to NUSMODs.

For more information on the Minor in Public Health, please visit here.