3.1.1    Minor in Public Health

The Minor in Public Health is offered to all NUS undergraduates who want to develop the knowledge, skills and approaches needed to understand and address today’s public health challenges in Singapore, Asia and the world.

The Minor is designed to empower students to improve the health of not only individuals but that of entire communities, and prepare students for a career in an organisation engaged in Public Health work.

Curriculum Requirements:

24 modular credits (MCs) of the modules detailed below are required for the Minor in Public Health:

Essential Modules (12 MCs)

  1. GEH1049 Public Health in Action
  2. Any of following modules to fulfil the core statistical requirement or their equivalent, subject to approval by programme director:
    1. BN2102 Bioengineering Data Analysis
    2. DAO2702 Programming for Business Analytics
    3. EC2303 Foundations for Econometrics
    4. PL2131 Research and Statistical Methods I
    5. SC3209 Data Analysis in Social Research
    6. ST1131 Introduction to Statistics
    7. ST1232 Statistics for Life Sciences
    8. ST2334 Probability and Statistics
  3. SPH2101 Public Health and Epidemiology

Elective Modules (12 MCs)

  • at least 8 MCs of level-3000 modules
  • at least 4 MCs from “Determinants”
  • at least 4 MCs from “Approaches and Methods”

Modules from “Determinants” Group

  • SPH2102 Lifestyle, Behaviour and Public Health
  • SPH2104 Public Health Nutrition
  • SPH2107 Social Determinants of Health
  • SPH2201 Health of the Poor in Asia1
  • SPH3103 Public Health Economics
  • SPH3104 Infectious disease epidemiology and public health
  • SPH3105 Prevention and Control of Non-Communicable Diseases
  • ENV2103 Environment and Public Health
  • SC2211 Medical Sociology

Modules from “Approaches and Methods” Group

  • SPH2103 Systems and Policies to improve Health
  • SPH2105 Introduction to Global Health
  • SPH2106 Health in the Later Years
  • SPH2201 Health of the Poor in Asia1
  • SPH3101 Biostatistics for Public Health
  • SPH3102 Public Health Communication
  • SPH3103 Public Health Economics
  • SPH3105 Prevention and Control of Non-Communicable Diseases
  • SPH3109 Designing Public Health Programmes
  • SPH3201 Public Health Practice2
  • PR3144 Principles of Research Methods

1SPH2201 Health of the Poor in Asia is offered under FASStrack Asia: The Summer School. This module features a week’s field trip to the country of study and will take place during Special Term Part II.

2SPH3201 Public Health Practice provides students with hands-on exposure by way of attachments at selected public health agencies, allowing students to explore career opportunities in public health and develop related essential skills. This module will take place during Special Terms.

Modules listed in both “Determinants” and “Approaches and Methods” may be used to fulfil the requirements of either “Determinants” OR “Approaches and Methods”, but not both. It can be only counted once (4 MCs) to fulfil the requirements of the minor. Please check if the modules have pre-requisites or preclusions prior to registration. For more module information, please refer here.