3    Graduate Education

Why pursue a PhD?

  • Enables you to tackle difficult challenges in exciting research areas
  • Deepens your knowledge base, and broadens your horizons
  • Affords enhanced job prospects in our global knowledge-based economy

Why choose NGS?

  • NGS: flexible and student-centred.
  • All NGS students have the opportunity to transcend traditional discipline boundaries, and apply their knowledge and skills in novel ways.
  • NGS PhD supervisors have been carefully selected on the basis of strong publication record, commitment to graduate education, and an interest in tackling tough research problems in innovative ways.  Our supervisors make NGS special.
  • Students can conduct their research with supervisors from two (or more) different fields. Multiple supervisory combinations, that cross faculties and/or involve individuals working in NUS and in the research institutes, are possible.
  • NGS offers a unique core curriculum with emphasis on cross-disciplinary learning, in combination with elective modules, that can be tailored to/by each student according to one’s interests and needs.
  • Students can explore venturing into entirely new fields of study to enhance their critical thinking skills, and design their PhD projects in interesting ways.
  • The NGS research environment is vibrant, intensive, and multi-cultural.

NGS is looking for students who:

  • possess a keen interest in integrative research
  • enjoy taking an analytical approach to problems
  • seek to deepen their knowledge
  • are curious about major issues in related subject areas
  • will adhere to the highest ethical standards in research
  • appreciate the importance of developing excellent communication skills
  • can function well as part of a team
  • will serve as role models to future generations of researchers

3.1     Research Programmes

3.2     Degrees/Programmes Offered

3.3     Degree Requirements

3.4     Financial Assistance and Awards

3.5     Other Administrative Information