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The President of the Republic of Singapore is the Chancellor of the University.  The Chancellor holds the authority to confer degrees and presides at Commencement when present.  The Chancellor may appoint such persons to be Pro-Chancellors as he may consider proper.  If for any reason the Chancellor is unable to exercise any of his functions, he may authorise any of the Pro-­Chancellors to exercise those functions on his behalf. There are currently five Pro-Chancellors appointed by the Chancellor. An up-to-date listing of the University Chancellery is available here.

Board of Trustees
The Board of Trustees, appointed by the Minister for Education, is responsible for ensuring that the University acts in furtherance of its objectives in education and research and that the funds and assets of the University are properly accounted for and safeguarded. The Trustees are eminent persons of good repute and sound judgment, with considerable experience in public service, the private sector or academia. The Trustees are dedicated to the furtherance of the interests and good governance of the University. An up-to-date listing of the Trustees is available here.

The NUS President, appointed by the Board of Trustees, is the principal executive and academic officer of the University. The Board of Trustees, in consultation with the President, also appoints the Management team of the University. Together, this team develops and implements the strategic objectives of the University. An up-to-date listing of the members of the NUS Management team is available here.

The Senate is the highest academic body of the University. Chaired by the President of the University, the Senate meets regularly to deliberate on educational policy and other academic issues.

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