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Some of the available resources and services at NUS are as follows:

Office of Admissions
The Office of Admissions oversees all matters pertaining to undergraduate admissions, including recruitment, transfer of degree courses, student financial aid and award of NUS scholarships.

Campus Services
The Office of Campus Amenities oversees the retail and dining services and transport, logistics and car parks in NUS with the aim of delivering quality service and excellence to the stakeholders in campus.

NUS Centre For the Arts
Established in 1993, NUS Centre For the Arts (CFA) is a vibrant space for the appreciation of the arts and nurturing of the creative and inquiring spirit. We support student engagement with the arts and the integration of the arts into the life of the University.

We comprise the NUS Museum, NUS Baba House and a Talent and Development arm that oversees 22 student arts excellence groups. Through our myriad of programmes, practices, exhibitions, workshops and outreach, such as NUS Arts Festival and the ExxonMobil Campus Concerts, we enrich the university experience and contribute to the building of knowledge and transformation of students.

We also manage facilities such as the University Cultural Centre, with its 1700-seat Hall and 425-seat Theatre, and rehearsal spaces in Runme Shaw CFA Studios and University Town.

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NUS Information Technology
The NUS Information Technology spearheads the IT development on campus for teaching, learning, research and administration. We collaborate with the faculty, staff and students for innovative IT solutions to meet the diverse needs of the community. Our roles and responsibilities range from IT governance to modernization, digital transformation, Cloud adoption, system integration, campus network, research computing, student, mobile and enterprise applications, messaging, data analytics, cyber security and end user computing.

NUS Co-op
The NUS Multi-purpose Co-operative Society Limited (NUS Co-op) offers a wide range of products including books, course packs, stationery and sundry items, and computer hardware, software and accessories. It has a wide membership in the community. Among the various services it provides are a book assistance scheme and several community service schemes.

Office of Finance
The Office of Finance is responsible for the University’s financial policies and procedures, billing and collection of tuition fees, shared financial services, treasury, controllerships, financial reporting and stewardship of the University’s financial resources.

University Health Centre
The University Health Centre (UHC) consists of three Units, each handling different aspects of health and wellness for the NUS community:

  • Health Service provides comprehensive medical care
  • Wellness Outreach promotes a healthy and balanced lifestyle
  • University Counselling Services provides mental health support

Global Relations Office
The Global Relations Office is responsible for forging and maintaining relations with international partners and collaborators around the world to make available various study abroad and student exchange opportunities. The Office also promotes NUS by developing international initiatives to enhance the University’s global standing.

NUS Libraries
NUS Libraries plays a pivotal role in partnering the NUS community in advancing scholarship and research. It comprises eight libraries, with the Central Library being the largest and C J Koh Law Library and Medical Library serving as the de facto national law and medical libraries in Singapore. It is the largest academic and research library in this region with a rich collection of more than 3 million volumes covering multidisciplinary subjects in architecture, business, engineering, humanities and social sciences, law, medicine, science, and other disciplines. NUS Libraries is a steward and repository of national and regional heritage, hosting a collection that includes treasures that date as far back as the 14th century, irreplaceable material saved from the Japanese invaders during World War 2, the world-renowned Singapore/Malaysia collection, the Biodiversity Library of Southeast Asia and archival documents from the Colonial Office records.

Registrar’s Office
The Registrar’s Office oversees the administration of academic matters including freshmen registration, module enrolment, curriculum, examinations, award of degrees, commencement, and student discipline. The Office is committed to service excellence and makes use of the latest technology to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in its administrative operations.

NUS Centre for Future-ready Graduates
The NUS Centre for Future-Ready Graduates (CFG) is a new-era career centre that helps students thrive in a world of constant change, ensuring they are ready for their future careers. The Centre provides students with access to career-readiness programmes, on-demand career support, employer engagement events, real-world experiences, and more.

  • Career-Readiness Programmes:
    • Career Catalyst: It’s never too early to start thinking about career preparation. CFG’s foundational career preparation module helps year one students to kick start their career planning early so they can maximise their time at university.
    • Career Booster Workshop Series: Conducted by experts in their respective fields, these workshops provide students with advanced interviewing techniques to help them secure their first job. Workshops cover topics such as assessment centres, digital interviews, case interviews and presentations.
    • Career Accelerator: The future is all about skills. CFG organises skill-building programmes throughout the semester to help increase student employability – focusing on transferable soft skills such as collaboration, resilience, adaptability and productivity.
  • On-Demand Career Support:
    For immediate career support, a range of digital resources is available to students, 24/7. Students may visit CFG’s website to access digital feedback tools and how-to guides on digital interviewing practice, resume writing, and job search strategies.For personalised expert advice, students may request a meeting with one of CFG’s certified Career Advisors on NUS TalentConnect.
  • Employer Engagement:
    Employers look for talent throughout the year. That’s why CFG fills each semester with career fairs, recruitment talks, and networking sessions – giving students plenty of opportunities to find their next opportunity.
  • Real-World Experience:
    One of the best ways for students to prepare for the working world is to immerse themselves in it. CFG helps facilitate internship opportunities for students in Singapore and overseas – from non-profit organisations and MNCs, to SMEs and start-ups.
  • NUS TalentConnect:
    The dedicated job portal for NUS students and alumni. Students may log on to access more than 1,000 jobs and internships in Singapore and overseas.

Office of Student Affairs
The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) is committed to provide a rich and memorable student experience in NUS. OSA considers students’ perspectives and creates opportunities to enrich their campus life. OSA endeavours to develop a student-centric environment and administration through a wide range of support services, educational, cultural, social programming, and resources.

The type of services, programmes and activities OSA offers include:

  • Student Service Centre
    A convenient contact point for students to obtain information and services related to academic/administrative student records, tuition fees and financial matters;
  • Residential Life
    Assist students to settle in and experience a positive and vibrant residential life through social, cultural and sports activities, and enrichment programmes;
  • Student Organisations
    Provide a framework of governance for NUS student organisations to thrive and contribute to student life and campus vibrancy;
  • Community Engagement
    Promote and support student engagement with the community within the university, and with society beyond the university;
  • Training & Development
    Develop and execute experiential learning programmes focussing on leadership and life-skills for the NUS student community;
  • Sports
    Promote a healthy lifestyle through sports and recreation, and sports excellence;
  • Student Support Services (S3)
    Support students’ wellbeing and strengthen mental health services in a safe and inclusive space as they navigate their journey in NUS;
  • Disability Support & Services
    Provide an inclusive and nurturing academic environment to students with disabilities and special education needs to achieve their fullest potential.

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