Sidebar    Second Major in Food Science

Host Department: Food Science and Technology

To be awarded a BSc with a Second Major in Food Science, candidates must satisfy the following:

Module Level Second Major Requirements Cumulative Major MCs
Level 1000

(16 MCs)


FST1101 Science and Technology of Foods

CM1501 Organic Chemistry for Engineers

CM1191 Experiments in Chemistry 1

LSM1106 Molecular Cell Biology

16 MCs
Level 2000

(16 MCs)


FST2102B Chemistry of Food Components

FST2108 Food Safety Assurance

FST2201 Introduction to Human Nutrition

LSM2211 Metabolism and Regulation

32 MCs
Level 3000

(16 MCs)


FST3106 Sensory and Flavour Science

FST3202 Nutrition and Disease Prevention


Any two of the following:

CM3242 Instrumental Analysis II

CM3201 Principles of Chemical Processes

CM3291 Advanced Experiments in Inorganic and Organic Chemistry

CM3292 Advanced Experiments in Analytical and Physical Chemistry

48 MCs

Note: A precluding module to CM1501 (e.g. CM1121 and CM1401) may be used to fulfil the second major requirements in lieu of CM1501.

This second major is not offered with the primary major in Food Science and Technology.