Sidebar    Second Major in Chemistry

Host Department: Chemistry

Chemistry has played an important role in the rich and varied history of human civilisation and remains an integral part of our modern technological society. The second major in chemistry provides essential training in inorganic, organic, physical, and analytical chemistry. In addition to learning essential concepts of chemistry, the course also emphasises hands-on training in laboratory techniques. Students will learn how to synthesise, analyse and separate molecules. Chemistry is the central science, linking many diverse subjects from the microscopic world of molecular biology to space and beyond. This second major will value add to students who wish to consider managerial career in the chemical and financial industries, as well as provide a good training ground in interdisciplinary research career in the life sciences, materials chemistry or physics

To be awarded a BSc with a second major in Chemistry, candidates must satisfy the following:

Module Level Second Major Requirements Cumulative Major MCs

(16 MCs)


CM1111      Inorganic Chemistry 1

CM1121      Organic Chemistry 1

CM1131      Physical Chemistry 1

CM1191      Experiments in Chemistry 1 Processes


(16 MCs)


  • CM2101      Physical Chemistry 2
  • CM2111      Inorganic Chemistry 2
  • CM2121      Organic Chemistry 2

Pass any one module from the following:

  • CM2191      Experiments in Chemistry 2
  • CM2192      Experiments in Chemistry 3

(16 MCs)


CM3291      Advanced Experiments in Inorganic and Organic Chemistry


CM3292      Advanced Experiments in Analytical and Physical Chemistry

and three (3) other CM32XX modules (excluding CM3289)*


*  UROPS CM3288 can be counted as 4 MCs. However, if two semesters work of UROPS is completed, CM3289 will not be counted.

This second major is not awarded with a primary major in Chemistry or a minor in Analytical Chemistry.

Level-4000 CM prefixed modules may be taken to replace up to 4 MCs of the Level-3000 CM elective modules above.