Sidebar    Minor in Statistics

Host Department: Statistics and Applied Probability

Statistics is an interdisciplinary subject in nature. It has played a very important role in many scientific discoveries and social science studies. The aim of this minor programme is to introduce students to the basic concepts and practices in statistics as a pathway to enhance the analytical skill and statistical reasoning in dealing with information related to their majors.

To be awarded this minor, students must:

  1. Pass one of the following:
    1. MA1102R    Calculus
    2. MA1312    Calculus with Applications
    3. MA1507    Advanced Calculus
    4. MA1505    Mathematics I
    5. MA1511    Engineering Calculus (2 MCs) and MA1512 Differential Equations for Engineering (2 MCs)
    6. MA1521    Calculus for Computing
  2. Pass ST2131 Probability or ST2334 Probability and Statistics;
  3. Pass ST2132 Mathematical Statistics and ST3131 Regression Analysis*; and
  4. Pass one module from ST32xx, and one other module from ST32xx/ST4xxx, EC3304 Econometrics II, EC4303 Econometrics III, IE3101 Statistics for Engineering Applications, DBA3711 Stochastic Models in Management, FIN3712 Options and Future, FIN3715 Risk and Insurance, MA3259 Mathematical Methods in Genomics and LSM3241 Genomic Data Analysis.

* Students who have passed EC3303 Econometrics I need not read ST3131. They are allowed to read and pass an additional module from ST32xx (except ST328x) or ST4xxx modules in lieu of ST3131. However, where a module from ST32xx or ST4xxx modules requires ST3131 as pre-requisite, the pre-requisite may not be fulfilled by EC3303.

This minor is not awarded with a primary major in Statistics, Statistics with specialisation in Data Science, Statistics with specialisation in Finance and Business Statistics, or Data Science and Analytics, and second major in Data Analytics or Statistics.