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Host Department: Physics

The Department of Physics offers a minor in Physics which comprises modules related to the fundamentals of physics, leading to a basic understanding of an important area of knowledge. It is principally aimed at engineering and science students who want to widen their intellectual horizons and be prepared for greater challenges ahead.

To be awarded a minor in Physics, a student must pass the following six modules:

  1. Any one from the following:
    • PC1141  Introduction to Classical Mechanics
    • PC1142  Introduction to Thermodynamics and Optics
    • PC1143  Introduction to Electricity & Magnestism
    • PC1431  Physics IE or PC1431X Physics IE
  2. Any one from the following:
    • PC1144  Introduction to Modern Physics
    • PC1432/PC1432X  Physics IIE
    • PC2232  Physics for Electrical Engineers
  3. Any four modules from the following of which at least two modules must be Level-3000 & above:
    • PC2130  Quantum Mechanics I
    • PC2131  Electricity and Magnetism I
    • PC2132  Classical Mechanics
    • PC2134  Mathematical Methods in Physics I
    • PC2230  Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics
    • PC2193  Experimental Physics I
    • PC3130  Quantum Mechanics II
    • PC3193  Experimental Physics II
    • ALL PC32XX and PC42XX modules

This minor is not awarded with a primary major in Physics (without, or with specialisation in Astrophysics, Nanophysics or Quantum Technologies), or with a second major in Physics.