Sidebar    Minor in Mathematics

Host Department: Mathematics

The minor in Mathematics encourages and gives due recognition to students who have read enough modules to reach a sound level of mathematical competence at the university level.

To qualify for a Minor in Mathematics, a student should pass at least 24 MCs from non-overlapping modules of the following type:

  1. At least 8 MCs from the following modules:
    • MA1xxx modules except MA1301/MA1301X, OR
    • CS1231/CS1231S; and
  1. Any two MA2xxx modules; and
  2. Any two MA3xxx or higher modules, except those coded MA33XX.

Note that these ST and MA modules are cross-listed:

  • ST2131 with MA2216
  • ST3236 with MA3238
  • ST4238 with MA4251

Also note that modules with dummy code MAX99X cannot be used to fulfil minor requirement.

This minor is not awarded with the primary major in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Quantitative Finance, Data Science and Analytics, and second major in Mathematics or Financial Mathematics or Data Analytics.