Sidebar    Minor in Geosciences

Host Faculties:

  • Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (Geography)
  • Faculty of Science

Geosciences – the sciences of the Earth and its environment –are concerned with exploring ideas about the natural world, understanding the physical and chemical processes that determine the distribution of resources, location of hazards and operation of surface processes. Geosciences provide advice and guidance on preserving the environment, rehabilitating damaged ecosystems, determining the environmental impact ofcertain activities, mitigating environmental hazards and assessing theimplications ofenvironmental change.  How the earth system will respond to human impact is one of the most pressing issues facing society.

Given the increasing significance of environment on national and international agendas it is timely to consider how to improve awareness of geosciences. A Minor in Geosciences would appeal to students who are interested in the functioning of environmental processes and concerned about the key issues of climate and environmental change, natural hazards and risk management and sustainable landuse.

Please refer to the Faculty of Arts and Social Science bulletin on this minor for the requirements and more information.