Sidebar    Minor in Forensic Science

Host Department: Biological Sciences

The Minor in Forensic Science aims to provide students with an understanding of the fundamental concepts and principles behind the application of scientific techniques to forensic investigations and to the criminal justice system.

Advances in basic scientific research have had a rapid and dramatic impact in these fields and it is only through an understanding of these fundamental scientific concepts that the legal system may be effective in criminal investigations.

This Minor offers a strong complementary training in criminal justice to students from all disciplines. Undergraduates from all Faculties/Schools are welcome to apply.

To be awarded a Minor in Forensic Science, a student must pass at least 24MC as set out below:

Essential Modules – Pass the following 3 modules (3 x 4MC = 12MC):

  • LSM1306 Forensic Science
  • SP3202 Evidence in Forensic Science
  • CM3301 Advanced Forensic Science

Elective Modules – Pass 12MCs of the following modules, including:

  1. A maximum of 4MC from Level 1000 modules in the list
  2. A minimum of 4MC from Level 4000 modules in the list (for Cohort AY2017/18 onwards)
  • SP4261 Articulating Probability and Statistics in Court
  • SP4262 Forensic Human Identification
  • SP4263 Forensic Toxicology and Poisons
  • SP4264 Criminalistics: Evidence and Proof [This is a 2MC module. Please complete an equivalent of 12 MC of elective modules for the purpose of Minor fulfilment.]
  • SP4265 Criminalistics: Forgery Exposé with Forensic Science [This is a 2MC module. Please complete an equivalent of 12 MC of elective modules for the purpose of Minor fulfilment.]
  • FSC4206/LL4362V Advanced Criminal Litigation – Forensics on Trial
  • CM2101 Physical Chemistry 2
  • CM3242 Instrumental Analysis II
  • LSM1102 Molecular Genetics
  • LSM3211 Fundamental Pharmacology
  • PC1141 Introduction to Classical Mechanics
  • PR1110/A Foundations in Medicinal Chemistry
  • PR3116 Concepts in Pharmacokinetics & Biopharmaceutics
  • ST2334 Probability and Statistics; OR MA2216/ST2131 Probability
  • CM/FST/LSM/MA/PC/PR/ST/ZB3288 Advanced UROPS I (Forensic-Science related; subject to approval of Minor programme coordinator)

Please take note that the double-counting between a Major and this Minor in Forensic Science is up to 8MC or typically two modules only. Please read sufficient additional modules to fulfil the two programmes.

Application is required to read this minor. For more information, please refer to