Sidebar    Minor in Financial Mathematics

Host Department: Mathematics

The minor in Financial Mathematics allows non-mathematics majors to obtain a basic understanding of how modern mathematics is being applied in finance, banking and insurance.

To be awarded a minor in Financial Mathematics, a student must pass at least 24 MCs from non-overlapping modules of the following:

  1. Pass at least 8 MCs from the following modules:
    1. MA1xxx, except MA1301/MA1301X;
    2. CS1231/CS1231S; and
  2. Pass MA2216/ST2131 or ST2334; and
  3. Pass MA3269 and (QF3101 or FIN3101 [for BIZ students] or FIN3102/FIN3702* [for BIZ students]); and ST3131.

The titles of the above modules are as listed below:

CS1231/CS1231S   Discrete Structures
MA2216/ST2131  Probability
MA3269   Mathematical Finance I
QF3101    Investment Instruments: Theory and Computation
FIN3101   Corporate Finance
FIN3102/FIN3702*   Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
ST2334    Probability and Statistics
ST3131    Regression Analysis

*School of Business has amended the module code of FIN3102 to FIN3702 for cohort AY2017 and after.

This minor is not awarded with the primary major in Applied Mathematics, Statistics, Quantitative Finance, Mathematics, Data Science and Analytics, and second major in Mathematics, Data Analytics.

Students in Cohorts AY2019/20 and later reading major in Statistics are not allowed to read minor in Financial Mathematics.