3.2    Degrees Offered

The Faculty offers two full-time degree programmes:

  1. Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Science (Hons.)
    Majors available under the Bachelor of Science Programme include:

    • Applied Mathematics
    • Applied Mathematics (with specialisation in Mathematical Modelling and Data Analytics)
    • Applied Mathematics (with specialisation in Operation Research and Financial Mathematics)
    • Chemistry
    • Chemistry (with specialisation in Materials Chemistry)
    • Chemistry (with specialisation in Medicinal Chemistry)
    • Chemistry (with specialisation in Environment and Energy)
    • Computational Biology*
    • Data Science and Analytics*
    • Food Science and Technology*
    • Life Sciences
    • Life Sciences (with specialisation in Biomedical Science)
    • Life Sciences (with specialisation in Environmental Biology)
    • Life Sciences (with specialisation in Molecular and Cell Biology)
    • Mathematics
    • Pharmaceutical Science*
    • Physics
    • Physics (with specialisation in Astrophysics)
    • Physics (with specialisation in Nanophysics)
    • Physics (with specialisation in Quantum Technologies)
    • Quantitative Finance
    • Statistics
    • Statistics (with specialisation in Biostatistics)
    • Statistics (with specialisation in Finance and Business Statistics)
  2. Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy)/Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy) (Hons.)*

*Pharmacy, Computational Biology, Data Science and Analytics, and Pharmaceutical Science are strict four-year programmes, while all other programmes allow for graduation after three years with a general Bachelor of Science degree.

The Chemistry, Life Sciences, Applied Mathematics, Physics and Statistics majors offer general B.Sc.(Hons.) programmes as well as B.Sc.(Hons.) programmes with specialisation. Specialisation is only awarded for B.Sc.(Hons.) programmes. The Faculty also offers a spread of minors, multidisciplinary programmes and special programmes for the educational broadening and enhancement of our students.