3.2    Degrees Offered

The Faculty offers the following full-time degree programmes:

Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Science (Hons)
Majors available under the Bachelor of Science Programme include:

  1. Applied Mathematics:
    – Specialisation in Mathematical Modelling and Data Analytics
    – Specialisation in Operations Research and Financial Mathematics
  2. Chemistry:
    – Specialisation in Materials Chemistry
    – Specialisation in Medicinal Chemistry
    – Specialisation in Environment and Energy
  3. Computational Biology*
  4. Data Science and Analytics*
  5. Food Science and Technology*
  6. Life Sciences:
    – Specialisation in Biomedical Science
    – Specialisation in Environmental Biology
    – Specialisation in Molecular and Cell Biology
  7. Mathematics
  8. Pharmaceutical Science*
  9. Physics:
    – Specialisation in Astrophysics
    – Specialisation in Nanophysics
    – Specialisation in Quantum Technologies
  10. Quantitative Finance
  11. Statistics:
    – Specialisation in Biostatistics
    – Specialisation in Finance and Business Statistics

Professional Degree:

12. Bachelor of Pharmacy / Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours)

Multidisciplinary Degree:

13. Bachelor of Environmental Studies / Bachelor of Environmental Studies (Honours) [jointly offered with FASS]


  • Environmental Studies, Pharmacy, Computational Biology, Data Science and Analytics, and Pharmaceutical Science are strict four-year programmes, while all other programmes allow for graduation after three years with a general Bachelor of Science degree.
  • The Chemistry, Life Sciences, Applied Mathematics, Physics and Statistics majors offer general B.Sc./B.Sc.(Hons.) programmes as well as Sc.(Hons.) programmes with specialisation. Specialisation is only awarded for B.Sc.(Hons.) programmes. The Faculty also offers a spread of minors, multidisciplinary programmes and special programmes for the educational broadening and enhancement of our students.