Sidebar    Types of Modules

Modules are classified as follows:

Type of Modules Description
Essential Modules These are modules that candidates must pass in a subject major.
Elective Modules These are modules that candidates may elect to read in order to fulfil the requirements for a Major. If they fail an elective, they may either retake it or read another elective.
Enrichment Modules These are modules offered primarily to candidates who are not majoring in the subject, and may include modules offered by other Faculties.

The first digit of the four-digit code for a module represents the level (Level 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5) of the module. The second digit of each four-digit code is used to indicate the type of module, i.e., 1 for essential, 2 for elective, 3 for enrichment.

Modules (Level 1 to 5) may have prerequisites which a candidate must fulfil before he/she is eligible to read. Prerequisites may be “read” or “pass” prerequisites. For “read” prerequisites, the candidate needs only to read the module; a pass in the module is not required. For a “pass” prerequisite, the candidate must have been given exemption or Advanced Placement Credits for the module or have read and passed the module (D grade or better, or S (Satisfactory) grade). All prerequisites are “pass” prerequisites, unless otherwise stated.
Prerequisites indicate the base of knowledge on which the subject matter of a particular module will be built. Before taking a module, a student should complete the stated module prerequisites listed for that particular module.