Sidebar    Independent Study Modules (ISM)

Modules for ISM

Unless there is a compelling reason, only modules from the current list of Level-2000 and higher modules, offered as regular modules in the semester under consideration, may be read as ISMs. Level-1000 modules are excluded because the material that is normally covered in a Level-1000 module should not require the level of special mentoring expected of an ISM.

Eligibility to do ISMs

Only students with CAP 4.50 and above are eligible to sign up for up to a maximum of two ISMs during their undergraduate candidature.

For USP students, this CAP requirement does not apply for the ISMs that they are expected to read in fulfilment of USP advanced module requirements.

Registration of ISMs will be done manually through the respective Department offering the ISMs.  All students reading ISM(s) for the semester for USP requirements will need to submit a standard application form downloadable from the student portal.