Sidebar    Filing for Graduation/Project Options

File For Graduation

Students will file for graduation online when they register for modules in their final semester. The filing can be done during the online registration period via the Centralised Online Registration System (CORS). Students must have obtained a minimum of 94 MCs (for bachelor’s degree) or 120 MCs (for honours degree) before they can do so. Graduation will be delayed for students who miss the deadline for filing for graduation.

Students who wish to read additional modules after fulfilling the degree requirements are only allowed to stay for at most one additional semester in which at least 18 MCs of Level-3000 and higher modules have to be read.

File for Honours Project

Students who intend to take honours projects in their respective majors have to file for Honours Project one semester before registering for their honours project. For example, if you intend to take the honours project in Semester 1, AY2017/2018, you will have to file for honours project at the beginning of Semester 2, AY2016/2017 during module registration. This filing may be done during the online registration period via CORS.

To qualify for honours projects, students must have fulfilled the minimum honours eligibility criteria as spelt out in Section 3.3.1, Para. H.