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Exemptions from Programme Requirements

Before a student may read more advanced level modules within their chosen area of specialisation, they are assumed to possess a base of knowledge on which the subject matter of a particular advanced module will be built.

Advanced placement allows a student to read more advanced modules by being credited for the prerequisites of these higher level modules. This means that a student can graduate within a shorter time by gaining exemptions and Modular Credits from lower level modules.

Polytechnic Diploma Holders as well as students with H2, NUSHS diploma and International Baccalaureate (IB) or equivalent qualifications who have obtained good grades may be granted advanced placement credits of up to 20 MCs for programme requirements subject to their performance in placement tests and/or interviews carried out by the relevant departments. The placement tests would be taken at the point of admission to the University.

Modules for which advanced placement may be awarded are:
Chemistry: CM1121, CM1131
Life Sciences: LSM1102, LSM1401
Mathematics: MA1101R, MA1102R, MA1100*, MA1505
Physics: PC1141, PC1142, PC1143, PC1144, PC1431
Statistics: ST1131

*  Only students who were medal winners in the International Mathematical Olympiad may apply to be considered for advanced placement credit for MA1100.

Students who have read and passed H3 modules at NUS are not allowed to sit for Advanced Placement Test for the module(s) that they have read and passed. Students have to declare the H3 modules that they have read at the point of application for the Advanced Placement Test.

Students are deemed to have successfully read and passed the module(s) for which they have been granted advanced placement credits and will not be allowed to register for this/these module(s) subsequently. The module(s) from which students have been granted exemption will not be included in the calculation of the CAP.

The Faculty of Science website on Advanced Placement Tests is found at

Exemptions from Unrestricted Elective Modules (Only applicable to polytechnic diploma holders)

Polytechnic Diploma holders admitted to the Faculty will be automatically granted advanced placement credits of 20 MCs (not subject to performance in placement tests) as follows:

  1. 20 MCs from Unrestricted Elective Modules (UEM).

*  All 20 MCs of advanced placement credits are tagged at Level-1000. However, none of the MCs will be counted against the 60-MC limit on Level-1000 modules that students are allowed to read in fulfilment of the 120/160 MCs required for graduation.