Sidebar    University Scholars Programme (USP) Graduation

In general, scholars are required to fulfil the following USP requirements*:

  1. Three Foundation Tier modules worth 12 MCs
  2. Eight Inquiry Tier modules worth 32 MCs
  3. One Reflection Tier module worth 4 MCs

* For specific breakdown of USP requirements, students should refer to the USP website at

Scholars who read and pass the USP modules are deemed to have fulfilled 16 MCs of University Level Requirements. The remaining 32 MCs will be counted towards major/Faculty requirements/unrestricted electives requirements.

USP Independent Study Modules (ISMs)

Scholars are allowed to read three types of ISMs:

  1. ISMs riding on a regular department module (e.g. PC3224)
  2. UROPS-based ISMs (e.g. LSM3288)
  3. Newly-designed ISMs

The following are some guidelines on how the different types of ISMs (listed above) may count towards a student’s major requirements:

  1. Scholars who read and pass an ISM riding on regular department module are deemed to have passed the regular module on which the ISM rides (e.g. PC3224).
  2. Scholars who read and pass a UROPS-based ISM are deemed to have passed the UROPS module on which the ISM rides (e.g. LSM3288). Whether the UROPS module may be used to fulfil students’ major requirements depends on each department’s/ programme’s policy regarding the use of UROPS modules for fulfilling major requirements (refer to Section 3.5.3 for more details).
  3. For newly-designed ISM, what the module will count towards (major requirements or otherwise) will be decided by the Department at point of ISM approval. Typically, modules that do not fit into the major will be read as Unrestricted Elective Modules.

Scholars must take at least one and up to three ISMs in place of regular Inquiry modules.