Sidebar    English Skills (ES) Requirements

Based on the Qualifying English Test (QET) results, students will be required to read either one or both of these English modules:
(1) ES1000 or ES1000FC Basic English Course
(2) ES1103 English for Academic Purposes
Students who obtain Band 1 will have to take ES1000 or ES1000FC followed by ES1103.
Students who obtain Band 2 will have to take ES1103.
Students who obtain Band 3 are exempted from an English module.

ES1000 is not counted towards Modular Credits and CAP. However, it is counted as part of the workload for every semester. (Please refer to section 3.3.2)

ES1103 is worth 4MC and letter-graded (with the option to convert to S/U grade). ES1103 is excluded from the limit on Level 1000 modules.

Students who need to clear ES requirements for graduation are strongly encouraged to do so by their second semester at the latest.