Sidebar    Bachelor of Science

To be awarded a Bachelor of Science Degree, students must have:

  1. Satisfied the General Education Requirements comprising:
    1. 20 MCs from General Education Modules (GEM)
  2. Satisfied the Programme Requirements comprising:
    1. 12 MCs and 16 MCs of Faculty requirements for BSc and BSc (Hons) respectively
    2. For all Science students (except Pharmacy, Environmental Studies students, students on special programmes like SPS, USP and UTown residential programme and students residing in RVRC), SP1541 Exploring Science Communication through Popular Science is a compulsory Faculty requirement;
    3. One set of major requirements.
  3. Completed and passed a Computational Thinking module, according to the requirements. Please refer to Section Computational Thinking Requirement.
  4. Accumulated a minimum of 120 Modular Credits (MCs)* (of which no more than 60 MCs may come from Level-1000 modules; Polytechnic Diploma holders who are granted advanced placement credits should refer to Section, for more details);
  5. Obtained a cumulative average point (CAP) of at least 2.00;
  6. Passed the requisite English Skills module(s) by the fourth semester (only applicable to students who fail to meet the exemption criteria based on the Qualifying English Test (QET) results); and
  7. Fulfilled all the above within a maximum candidature of four years unless under extenuating circumstances. Semesters spent on approved Leave of Absence (LOA) would be excluded from the period of candidature.

*Students will read a set of Unrestricted Elective Modules (apart from those modules read in fulfilment of General Education and Programme Requirements) to meet the minimum number of MCs required for graduation.

Summary of Requirements for BSc MCs
University Level Requirements 20
General Education 20
Programme Requirements** 64 – 80 
Faculty requirements 12
Major requirements [BSc (Hons)]
52 – 68
Unrestricted Elective Modules
[not including additional MCs due to reduced Programme Requirements (as a result of Major Requirements that can be counted towards Faculty Requirements)]**
20 – 36
Total 120

**For some multidisciplinary/interdisciplinary majors, part of the 12/16 MCs from Faculty requirements are built into the major. MCs required under programme requirements will vary from student to student depending on
(1) the student’s choice of major;
(2) the extent to which the Faculty requirements have been built into the student’s major; and
(3) the combination of modules a student reads for his/her major.
This will in turn determine the number of unrestricted elective modules a student has to read to meet the minimum MCs required for graduation. Students are advised to refer to Sections 3.3.3 [Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Science (Hons) Programme Requirements] and 3.3.4 [Bachelor of Pharmacy/Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons)] for specific MCs requirements with respect to their chosen major.