Faculty of Science

Faculty of Science

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1 Faculty’s Commitment

2 Key Contact Information

3 Undergraduate Education

3.1 Overview

3.2 Degrees Offered

3.3 Degree Requirements

3.3.1 Curriculum Structure and Graduation Requirements Bachelor of Science Bachelor of Science (Hons.) Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy)/Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy) (Hons.) Requirements University Scholars Programme (USP) Graduation Major Prerequisites Faculty Requirements

              Computational Thinking Requirement SP1541 Exploring Science Communication through Popular Science English Skills (ES) Requirements Honours Eligibility and Honours Projects Degree Classification

3.3.2 Policies and Procedures Advanced Placement/Exemptions Workload Types of Modules Repeating Modules Overlapping Modules Independent Study Modules (ISM) Continuous Assessment Filing for Graduation/Project Options

3.3.3 Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Science (Hons.) Programme Requirements [B.Sc./B.Sc. (Hons.)] Chemistry Computational Biology Food Science and Technology Data Science and Analytics Life Sciences Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

              Pharmaceutical Science Physics Quantitative Finance Statistics

3.3.4 Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy)/Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy) (Hons.) [B.Sc. (Pharm.)/B.Sc. (Pharm.) (Hons.)]

3.4 Multidisciplinary Opportunities

3.4.1 Double Major and Major-Minor Combinations

3.4.2 Second Major Programmes Second Major in Chemistry Second Major in Data Analytics Second Major in Food Science Second Major in Life Sciences Second Major in Mathematics Second Major in Physics Second Major in Statistics

3.4.3 Minor Programmes Minor in Analytical Chemistry Minor in Aquatic Ecology Minor in Biophysics Minor in Engineering Materials Minor in Financial Mathematics Minor in Forensic Science Minor in Geosciences Minor in Life Sciences Minor in Mathematics Minor in Medical Physics Minor in Nanoscience Minor in Optical and Semiconductor Technology Minor in Pharmaceutical Sciences Minor in Physics Minor in Statistics

3.4.4 Double Degree Programmes in [LLB (Hons)] and Life Sciences [BSc/BSc (Hons)]

3.4.5 Double Degree Programmes in Computing (BComp) and Mathematics [BSc/BSc (Hons)]

3.4.6 NUS-ANU Joint Degree Programme: Bachelor of Science (Hons) from National University of Singapore and Bachelor of Philosophy (Hons) from Australian National University

3.4.7 Joint Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Life Sciences from National University of Singapore and Bachelor of Science in Biology from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

3.4.8 Concurrent MSc (Mgt) and BSc (Hons) / BApplSc (Hons)

3.5 Special Programmes

3.5.1 Professional Placement Programme (PPP)

3.5.2 Undergraduate Professional Internship Programme (UPIP)

3.5.3 Special Programme in Science (SPS)

3.5.4 Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme in Science (UROPS)

3.5.5 University Scholars Programme (USP)

3.6 Study Abroad Programmes

3.6.1 Student Exchange Programme (SEP)

3.6.2 Summer Programmes and Study Trips

3.6.3 Joint Minor Programme with University of Toronto

3.6.4 NUS Overseas Colleges Programme

3.6.5 Overseas Summer Research Programmes

3.6.6 French Double Degree Programme

3.7 Student Awards

3.7.1 Dean’s List

4 Graduate Education

4.1 Research Programmes

4.1.1 Degrees Offered

4.1.2 Degree Requirements

4.1.3 Financial Assistance and Awards

4.2 Coursework Programmes

4.2.1 Degrees Offered

4.2.2 Degree Requirements Master of Science in Applied Physics (Full-Time and Part-Time) Master of Science in Chemistry (Full-Time and Part-Time) Master of Science in Chemistry for Energy and Environment (Full-Time and Part-Time) Master of Science in Financial Engineering (Full-Time, Part-Time and Distance Learning)

              Master of Science in Food Science and Human Nutrition (Full-Time and Part-Time) Master of Science in Mathematics (Full-Time and Part-Time) Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology (Part-Time) Master of Science in Physics (Full-Time and Part-Time) Master of Science in Quantitative Finance (Full-Time and Part-Time) Master of Science in Statistics (Full-Time and Part-Time) Joint Master of Science in Industrial Chemistry (NUS-TUM) (Full-Time) Joint Master of Science in Science Communication (NUS – ANU) (Full-Time and Part-Time) Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) (Full-Time and Part-Time)

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