2.6.1    Engineering Scholars Programme

The Engineering Scholars (E-Scholars) Programme is a premier programme designed to attract the very best students to read any branch of engineering at NUS. Students with exceptional potential will be provided with an enhanced educational experience with the objective of capitalising on academic abilities and personal aspirations to train well-rounded leaders and innovators.

General structure of the programme

Students admitted to the E-Scholars programme are also enrolled in one of the Engineering Departments at NUS. The graduation requirements for E-Scholars is the same as all other Engineering students in the chosen Department. Nevertheless, E-Scholars will complete their B.Eng degree in 3 years. The distribution of modular credits across the 3 years is slightly different for each of the Departments. As a general example, the following table illustrates a possible schedule where the numbers represent modular credits (MC). A typical NUS module is worth 4 MC.

Advanced Placement Credits 16
Year 1 24 24 48
Year 2 26 20(NOC) 46
Year 3 24(Possible SEP) 26 50

With reference to the table above, please note the following

  • Numbers may change slightly for each individual Department.
  • The NUS Overseas Colleges (NOC) industrial attachment (6-month programme) is compulsory for E-Scholars (except for student from Polytechnic) and subsidized.
  • The Student Exchange Programme (SEP) is optional (and subsidized). E-Scholars have guaranteed admission. It is recommended in year 3, sem 1 for some programmes.
  • Advance Placement Credits are modules that E-Scholars will take before entering NUS. Students will study independently on textbooks and other reference material. They will then sit for a test to clear those credits.

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