3.3    Minor Programmes

A minor programme is a coherent course of study which provides significant depth in a certain area outside the student’s discipline. Due to limited places in each programme, each student is only allowed to read one minor programme.

The Modular Credit (MC) requirement for a minor programme should not be less than 24 MCs. Where there exists a substantial equivalence in the modules, departments may grant double counting of MCs from the major requirements (up to a maximum of 8 MCs) toward the MC requirement in the minor programme. A student may use up to 20 MCs to satisfy the Unrestricted Elective Module (UEM) requirement. If a student is unable to double count the minor modules toward his/her UEM, he/she will take the MCs on top of the 160 MC graduation requirement. The minor modules will be graded and the Cumulative Average Point (CAP) will be counted towards the degree classification. The minor programme will be reflected on the student’s academic transcript. For more information on these programmes and other minor programmes, please refer to:

The following minor programmes are offered by the Faculty of Engineering:

3.3.1    Minor in Biomedical Engineering (hosted by the Department of Biomedical Engineering)

3.3.2    Minor in Engineering Materials

3.3.3    Minor in Systems Engineering

3.3.4    Minor in Management of Technology (hosted by the Division of Engineering & Technology Management)

3.3.5    Minor in Civil Infrastructure