3.4.6    Independent Work

This programme aims to promote self-study, critical thinking and independent research ability. Possible independent work activities include systems development (e.g. hardware/software systems and mechanical systems) and participation in recognised national and international competitions. Students have to complete Stage 1 of their study to have sufficient basic engineering knowledge in order to propose a meaningful project and to work independently on the project with minimum supervision. Projects are initiated by students, individually or as a team of not more than four members by submitting a proposal to the Dean’s Office. The proposal will outline the background, nature and scope of the activity and should also include a statement of the learning objectives. In order to successfully complete the project and receive credit for EG2606A/B, students must achieve the learning objectives stated in the proposal and submit a short project report to their supervisors through the FoE Undergraduate Enhancement Portal ( Students can either register for the EG2606A Independent Work (2 MCs) for work totalling a minimum of 65 hours, or EG2606B Independent Work (4 MCs) for work totalling a minimum of 130 hours.