2.3.2    Second Major in Systems Engineering

The Department of Industrial Systems Engineering & Management (ISEM) offers the Second Major in Systems Engineering, for students from all other Faculties and Schools.

The programme is offered from August 2008. Students may be admitted to the programme based on the following criteria:

  • Students can apply on admission or after they have completed their first year of study;
  • Must apply no later than the 5th semester of their study;
  • Must have a CAP score of at least 3.5

Applications should be submitted to the ISEM Department. Selection for admission will be on a competitive basis and subjected to the approval from ISEM Department as well as availability of quota.

To fulfil the requirements of the Second Major in Systems Engineering, students are required to complete 48 MCs.

Students may use up to a maximum of 16 MCs of their Second Major in Systems Engineering modules to double count towards other programmes.

Once admitted to the Second Major in Systems Engineering, students do not need to maintain any minimum academic performance threshold in order to remain in the programme. They are strongly encouraged to plan their modules well in order to be able to complete the programme requirements.

Students who complete the 24 MCs of core modules* will be awarded a Minor in Systems Engineering if they do not wish to complete all the requirements for the Second Major in Systems Engineering.

Module Requirements for 2nd Major in Systems Engineering  AY2017/2018 Intake Onwards 

Modules MCs
Seven Core Modules 32
ST2334  Probability and Statistics* 4
IE1113  Introduction to Systems Analytics* 4
IE1114  Introduction to Systems Thinking and Dynamics* 4
IE2110  Operations Research I* 4
IE2150  Human Factors Engineering* 4
IE3105  Fundamentals of Systems Engineering and Architecture* 4
IE3102  System Engineering Project 8
Two Electives Modules 8
Any two modules from the following:
CS2113T  Software Engineering 4
IE2130  Quality Engineering I 4
IE3101  Statistics for Engineering Applications 4
IE3110R  Simulation 4
IE4240  Project Management (or equivalent) 4
IE4243  Decision Modeling and Risk Analysis 4
Two Systems Modules 8
Any two modules from the following:
Industrial Systems
IE3120  Manufacturing Logistics 4
IE4220  Supply Chain Modeling 4
IE4221  Transport Demand Modeling and Economics 4
IE4244  Energy: Security, Competitiveness and Sustainability 4
Infrastructure Systems
CE3101  Integrated Infrastructure Project 4
CE3102  Engineering of Socio-Technical Systems 4
CE3121  Transportation Engineering 4
CE3132  Water Resources Engineering 4
CE4221  Design of Land Transport Infrastructures 4
CE4282  Building Information Modeling for Project 4
ESE3101  Solid and Hazardous Waste Management 4
Computer Systems
CS2102  Database Systems 4
CS4244  Knowledge Based Systems 4
CS4246  AI Planning and Decision Making 4
Electrical/Electronic Systems
EE3331C  Feedback Control Systems 4
EE3505C  Electrical Energy Systems 4
EE4214  Real Time Embedded Systems 4
EE4305  Introduction to Fuzzy/Neural Systems 4
EE4307  Control Systems Design and Simulation 4
EE4308  Advances in Intelligent Systems and Robotics 4
EE4501  Power Systems Management and Protection 4
EE4511  Sustainable Energy Systems 4
Mechanical Systems
ME4246  Modern Control Systems 4
ME4263  Fundamentals of Product Development 4
ME4266  Energy and Thermal Systems 4
Chemical Systems
CN4122  Process Synthesis and Simulation 4
CN4201R  Petroleum Refining 4
CN4238  Chemical and Biochemical Process Modelling 4
CN4245R  Data Based Process Characterization 4
Biomedical Systems
BN3101  Biomedical Engineering Design 4
BN4203  Rehabitation Engineering 4
                                                                                                                      Total 48

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