2.3.8    Minor in Systems Engineering

This minor, offered by the Department of Industrial Systems Engineering and Management, will ground the engineering students with a solid foundation of systems engineering principles. It will also develop students with an analytical mind set and techniques to tackle with trade-offs in order to optimise the performance of the systems within the relevant constraints to meet the requirements of the integrated global systems.


Students must meet the following criteria to be eligible to apply:

  • Students can apply on admission or after they have completed first year of their study
  • Must apply no later than the 5th semester of study
  • Must have a CAP score of at least 3.5


The minor in Systems Engineering will be awarded on satisfactory completion of the following 6 modules (24 MCs):

  1. ST2334  Probability and Statistics
  2. IE1113  Introduction to Systems Analytics
  3. IE1114  Introduction to Systems Thinking and Dynamics
  4. IE2110  Operations Research I
  5. IE2150  Human Factors Engineering
  6. IE3105  Fundamentals of Systems Engineering and Architecture