2.3.4    Minor in Civil Infrastructure

The minor in Civil Infrastructure is offered by Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. In recent years, there has been an increasing diversification of focus and interest among engineering students, particularly in the field of Civil Infrastructure. This Minor programme is designed especially to give students a grasp of essential Civil Engineering knowledge which will expand their career options and help Singapore to meet the high manpower demand in the infrastructure development, and the building and construction industry.

Environmental Engineering students who complete this Minor successfully, would be sufficiently proficient in core Civil Engineering disciplines. These will provide the necessary background and training to better prepare our Environmental Engineering graduates for a professional role in infrastructure development. Other discipline students, this Minor provides them the platform in understanding the core civil engineering knowledge, supplementing their Major degree.

The Minor programme is open to students from all departments in the Faculty of Engineering hence it is to be a Restricted Minor. To qualify, a students must

  • obtain the minimum CAP of 3.5,
  • completed CE1109/EG1109 Statics and Mechanics of Materials, CE2112 Soil Mechanics and CE2155 Structural Mechanics of Materials
  • submit their entire study plan for the remaining semesters to us for approval before they can commence on their Minor in Civil Infrastructure, as a standard study plan cannot be formulated for these students.

This Minor is offered to students from Cohort AY2013/2014 onwards and requires a total of 36 MCs with at least a level 1000 module and all the other 8 modules. For students in the programme to be awarded a Minor in Civil Infrastructure, they are required to satisfy all their Major degree requirements, and read and pass the following Civil Engineering modules which provide key Civil Engineering foundation knowledge that follows:


Module Code/Title Pre-requisite
Statics and Mechanics of Materials
CE2112 Soil Mechanics EG1109/EG1109FC/CE1109/CE1109FC/CE1109X Statics and Mechanics of Materials
CE2155 Structural Mechanics and Materials EG1109/EG1109FC/CE1109/CE1109FC/CE1109X Statics and Mechanics of Materials
CE3132 Water Resources Engineering CE2134 Hydraulics
CE3115 Geotechnical Engineering CE2112 Soil Mechanics
CE3116 Foundation Engineering CE2112 Soil Mechanics
CE3155 Structural Analysis EG1109/EG1109FC/CE1109/CE1109FC/CE1109X Statics and Mechanics of Materials
CE3165 Structural Concrete Design CE2155 Structural Mechanics and Materials
CE3166 Structural Steel Design and System CE2155 Structural Mechanics and Materials

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