2.3.3    Minor in Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering is a discipline that advances knowledge in engineering, biology, and medicine. It improves human health through inter disciplinary integration of the engineering sciences with the biomedical sciences.  Biomedical Engineering forms part of the Life Sciences, which is fast becoming a strategic area of economic development in Singapore. The aim of this minor is to enable students to understand how the principles and tools of traditional engineering fields, such as mechanical, materials, electrical, and chemical engineering, can be applied in biology and medicine. It will be suited to students who wish to pursue further career opportunities in hospitals and health care centres, medical devices, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and biomaterials industries.

Only Stage 2 engineering students are eligible to apply for the Minor in Biomedical Engineering Programme. The intake for the programme is in January each year.


To satisfy the Minor in Biomedical Engineering, the students are required to fulfil at least 24 MCs and read at least ONE module from each of the following three options:


LSM1102        Molecular Genetics CE3143           Wastewater Microbiology
BN3401      Biomedical Electronics & Systems LSM1104        General Physiology CE4257           Linear Finite Element Analysis
BN3402      Bio Analytical Methods in Bioengineering LSM1202+      Human Anatomy CN4208          Biochemical Engineering
BN4201      Musculoskeletal Biomechanics LSM1401*      Fundamentals of Biochemistry CN4210          Membrane Science and Engineering
BN4202      Biofluid Dynamics LSM2101        Metabolism and Regulation CN4241R        Engineering Principles for Drug Delivery
BN4203      Rehabilitation Engineering LSM2102        Molecular Biology EE3101           Digital Signal Processing
BN4301      Principles of Tissue Engineering LSM2103        Cell Biology EE3206           Intro to Computer Vision and Image Processing
BN4402      Electrophysiology LSM2241        Introductory Bioinformatics EE4605           Bio‐Instrumentation and     Signal Analysis
BN4403      Cellular Bioengineering LSM2202A     Experimental Molecular and Cell Biology EE4601           Sensors for Biomedical Applications
BN4404      Biomicroelectromechanical Systems – BioMEMs LSM3241        Bioinformatics and Biocomputing EE4602           Bioelectronics
BN4406      Biophotonics and Bioimaging PY1105           Physiology I EE4603           Biomedical Imaging Systems
ME4233         Computational Methods in Fluid Mechanics
ME4253         Biomaterials Engineering
ME4291         Finite Elements Analysis


* Students reading LSM1401 are NOT permitted to read LSM1101 and vice versa.
+ No more than three Level-1000 modules should be read.

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