2.1.3    Pathways

Each pathway is aligned with the engineering career it leads to. Pathways are distinguished by pathway-specific modules, the nature of internship, and type of final-year project* (FYP).

Curriculum Practising Professional Pathway (PPP) Innovation & Design Programme (iDP) Research-focused Pathway (RfP)
Foundation Engineering core modules & discipline-specific modules
Pathway Modules

Professional Development Electives

Innovation & Enterprise Electives

Multi-semester team projects

Graduate-level electives

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme (UROP)




Public agencies

Start-up companies

Engineering design firms

NUS Overseas Colleges (NOC)

Research Institutes

Research Laboratories

Final-Year Project* (FYP)




Possible Starting Careers

Project engineer


Product design engineer


Research engineer

Graduate studies

*FYP is optional in some programmes

Choosing Your Pathway

PPP will be the default pathway unless you opt for iDP or RfP.

If you choose iDP, you will be awarded a Second Major in Innovation and Design when you successfully complete all the requirements of the programme. Due to the time required for the multi-semester group project, you would need to make an early decision, as follows:

Either apply to iDP 2nd Major when applying to NUS Engineering (any discipline)

Or apply to iDP 2nd Major after Semester 1 or Semester 2 (at the latest)

You may opt for RfP before you apply for internship, which takes place typically in Semester 4 or Semester 5.

Switching Pathways

You may switch to a different pathway if you change your mind. However, switching into iDP after Semester 2 is inadvisable because iDP projects take place over several semesters – you may have to extend your study and delay your graduation if you switch to iDP late.

Current Pathway New Pathway & Deadline for Switching^
PPP Start of Semester 3 Start of Semester 5
iDP End of Semester 6 Start of Semester 5
RfP End of Semester 6 Start of Semester 3

^Without extending study and delaying graduation