Sidebar    Degree Requirements

The following are the requirements for the degree of B.Eng. (Materials Science and Engineering):

  • Required to complete a minimum of 160 MCs with a CAP 2.0 to graduate from the programme, depending on the pathway taken by the student.
  • Satisfy all other requirements as prescribed by the Faculty of Engineering or the University.
  • A student must also satisfy other additional requirements that may be prescribed by the Faculty of Engineering or the University.

Table 2.2.9a: Summary of MSE Module Requirements and Credits for Research-focused Pathway

Modular Requirements MCs
University Level Requirements 20
General Education Modules (GE) (5 Modules, each of 4MCs)

•Human Cultures (HC)
•Quantitative Reasoning (QR)
•Thinking and Expression (T&E)
•Singapore Studies (SS)
•Asking Questions (AQ)

Unrestricted Electives 30-32
Programme Requirements: 108
Faculty Requirements 6
ES2531 Critical Thinking & Writing 4
EG2401A Engineering Professionalism 2
Common Core 32
MA1512 Differential Equations for Engineering 2
MA1513 Linear Algebra & Differential Equations 2
MLE1001A Materials Science & Engineering Principles & Practice I 4
MLE2001 Materials Science & Engineering Principles & Practice II 4
CS1010E Programming Methodology 4
EG1311 Design and Make 4
MLE1010 Materials Engineering Principles and Practice 4
EE2211 Introduction to Machine Learning 4
IE2141 Systems Thinking and Dynamics 4
MSE Core Modules 34
PC1432 Physics IIE 4
CM1501 Organic Chemistry for Engineers 4
MLE2101 Introduction to Structure of Materials 4
MLE2102 Thermodynamics and Phase Diagrams 4
MLE2103 Phase Transformation and Kinetics 3
MLE2104 Mechanical Properties of Materials 4
MLE2105 Electronic Properties of Materials 4
MLE3101 Materials Characterization Laboratory 3
MLE3111 Materials Properties & Processing Laboratory 4
MSE Design Project & Internship Modules 24-26
EG3611A Industrial Attachment 10
MLE4102/MLE4102A Design Project 4-8
MLE4101/MLE4101A BEng Dissertation 6-12
MSE Technical Electives (MLE 3000 electives) 4
Pathway Requirements 8
Total 160