3.1.5    Global Engineering Programme

An exclusive programme designed for students with exceptionally high potential, the Global Engineering Programme (GEP) provides an enhanced and flexible education with close mentoring that incorporates a global learning experience.

The Programme will lead to the award of two degrees – a Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) at NUS within three years and for those who qualify for admission to a top university, a postgraduate degree in Engineering in their fourth year. Scholarships may be provided for a student’s undergraduate studies.  Assistance in seeking financial support from external agencies for one year or more of graduate school, depending on the postgraduate programme, will be provided.

Students will enjoy small group learning with close supervision and mentoring by a select pool of faculty staff. GEP students will ride on an accelerated track, with opportunities to gain advanced placement credits, resulting in exemptions from specific modules, as well as to take self-study modules. In addition, students can pursue a summer programme and are expected to spend at least one semester overseas on a student exchange programme (SEP). Specially-tailored Undergraduate Research Opportunity Programme (UROP) projects at NUS or a GEP partner university will provide early research exposure. In order to nurture GEP students to become future engineer leaders, the Faculty of Engineering have crafted modules, such as MT2001 Experiencing Engineering Leadership and SSE1201 Building a Dynamic Singapore – Role of Engineers. Moreover, GEP students will get opportunities to touch base with CEOs from various industries in deep dialogue sessions. More recently, NUS Overseas Colleges (NOC) have created a wonderful opportunity for GEP students to do a 24-25 week internship in Lausanne (Switzerland) or in Munich (Germany) as well as take master courses in EPFL and Technical University of Munich.