3.1.2    General Degree Requirements

To be awarded the Bachelor of Engineering degree, students must:

  1. Satisfy the Modular Credit (MC) requirements of their specific BEng degree programme,
  2. Obtain a cumulative average point (CAP) of 2.00 or higher,
  3. Pass the requisite English for Academic Purposes module(s) by the fourth semester (only applicable to students who fail to meet the exemption criteria based on the Qualifying English Test (QET) results), and
  4. Fulfil all the above within a maximum candidature of five years, unless otherwise approved by the University.

Students are advised to take careful note of the degree requirements. It is the students’ responsibility to understand their graduation requirements and plan their course of study appropriately. Important announcements related to curriculum updates will be placed on the Faculty of Engineering website at and on the websites of the  respective departments.

The class of honours awarded to a candidate who completes the Bachelor of Engineering degree requirements will be based on the CAP of all modules completed at all levels.

Please carefully read the information on “Undergraduate Continuation and Graduation Requirements” at the general information section of the NUS Bulletin ( which provides important information about the minimum standards set for continuation in a programme of study and graduation and covers the following:

  • CAP for Continuation and Graduation
  • Degree Classification
  • Residency Requirement and Maximum Candidature
  • Advanced Placement Credits and Exemptions
  • Satisfactory / Unsatisfactory (S/U) Option
  • MCs excluded from CAP Computation