Sidebar    Degree Requirements

In order to graduate with the BEng (Civil Engineering) degree, students are required to:

  • Complete a minimum of 160 MCs with a CAP ≥2.0.
  • Pass the modules in accordance with Table 3.2.3a.
  • Satisfy all other requirements as prescribed by the Faculty or the University.

Subject to the approval of the Department, students may opt to take a relevant module in another department as one of the three technical electives. The module must be of at least Level-3000 standard and must be taken on a graded basis.

For students aspiring for a First Class Honours Degree, they must obtain at least an ‘A-’ grade for CE4104 BEng Dissertation.

Students may apply to specialise in Offshore Engineering at start of Stage 3. They must take a Group Design Project and a BEng Dissertation that is related to offshore engineering, OT5202 Analysis & Design of Offshore Structures and CE5307 Wave Hydrodynamics and Physical Oceanography, and complete at least a 12-week stint (equivalent to at least 6 MCs) in an offshore or marine-related company under the 6-month industrial attachment (or EG3612 Vacation Internship Programme).

Table 3.2.3a: Summary of Modular Requirements and Credits (for A-level or equivalent students matriculated in AY2015/2016)

Modular Requirements MCs
Foundational/Common Requirements 32
MA1505 Mathematics I 4
*MLE1010 Materials Engineering Principles and Practice 4
*CS10101E Programming Methodology 4
CE1101A Civil Engineering Principles & Practice 4
CE2101 Principles & Practice in Infrastructure and Environment 4
*EG2211 Introduction to Machine Learning 4
*IE2141 Systems Thinking and Dynamics 4
*CE2410 Virtual Design and Modelling 4
                                                            *New Common Core Module
Faculty Requirements: 10
EG2401A  Engineering Professionalism 2
ES1531  Critical Thinking and Writing 4
CE Core Modules 52
CE2112        Soil Mechanics (G) 4
CE2134        Hydraulics (H) 4
CE2155        Structural Mechanics and Materials (S) 4
CE2183        Construction Project Management (C) 4
CE2407        Engineering and Uncertainty Analyses 4
ESE3001      Water Quality Engineering (E) 4
CE3115        Geotechnical Engineering (G) 4
CE3116        Foundation Engineering (G) 4
CE3121        Transportation Engineering (T) 4
CE3132        Water Resources Engineering (H) 4
CE3155        Structural Analysis (S) 4
CE3165        Structural Concrete Design (S) 4
CE3166        Structural Steel Design and System (S) 4
CE Project & Internship Modules 22
CE4103        Design Project 4
CE4104        BEng Dissertation 8
EG3611A     Industrial Attachment 10
Unrestricted Elective Modules 28
General Education (GE) 20
Pathway Requirements 0
Total MC 160

1 BEng students are required to read a Critical Thinking & Writing module (ES1531 Critical Thinking & Writing which also satisfies the General Education (Thinking & Expression) requirement) and a Communications module (ES2331 Communicating Engineering). Alternatively, students can read ES1501X Academic Expository Writing in place of both ES1531 and ES2331. USP/UTRP/RVRC students should refer to their respective programmes for USP/UTRP/RVRC modules to be read in place of ES1531 and/or ES2331.

2 For students who have not passed or been exempted from the Qualifying English Test at the time of admissions to the Faculty, they have to read ES1000 and/or ES1102. This will be decided by CELC.

3 For BEng students in the following special programmes: DDPs, CDPs, GEP & CSP, internship / industrial-attachment is optional and the modular credits for the internship/industrial-attachment will be become ‘Free Electives’ i.e., Unrestricted Electives (UE).

+ Letter in the parenthesis indicates the major civil engineering discipline each module belongs to.

Note: Limit on Level-1000 Modules
Students should not read more than 60 MCs of Level-1000 modules towards their degree requirements (minimum of 162 MCs for graduation).

Table 3.2.3b: Technical Elective Modules

Geotechnical Engineering Modules (G)
CE4216    Geotech. Investigation & Applied Geology
CE5101    Seepage and Consolidation of Soils
CE5104    Underground Space
CE5105    Anal. & Num. Meth. in Foundation Eng.rg
CE5106    Ground Improvement
CE5107    Pile Foundations
CE5108    Earth Retaining Structures
CE5881    Topics in Geotechnical Engineering

Environmental Engineering Modules (E)
ESE3101    Solid and Hazardous Waste Management
ESE4401    Water & Wastewater Engineering 2
ESE4405    Urban Water Engineering & Management
ESE5205    Sludge & Solid Waste Management
ESE5402    Industrial Water Control

Structural Engineering Modules (S)
CE4257    Linear Finite Element Analysis
CE4258    Structural Stability and Dynamics
CE5509    Advanced Structural Steel Design
CE5510    Advanced Structural Concrete Design
CE5514    Plate and Shell Structures
CE5513    Plastic Analysis of Structures
CE5604    Advanced Concrete Technology
CE5610    Assessment and Retrofit of Concrete Structures
CE5611    Precast Concrete Technology
CE5885    Topics in Structural Engineering
CE5886    Topics in Concrete Engineering

Infrastructure Systems Modules (C and T)
CE4221    Design of Land Transport Infrastructure
CE4282    Building Information Modelling for Project Management
CE5204    Pavement Design and Rehabilitation
CE5205    Transportation Planning
CE5207    Pavement Network Management Systems
CE5603    Engineering Economics and Project Evaluation
CE5804    Global Infrastructure Project Management
CE5805    Construction Equipment and Methods
CE5806    Construction Project and Site Control
CE5880    Topics in Project Management Engineering
CE5882    Topics in Transportation Engineering
TP5025    Intelligent Transportation Systems
TP5026    Transport Management & Policy
TP5027    Transport & Freight Terminal Management
TP5028    Intermodal Transportation Operations

Coastal & Offshore Engineering Modules (H)
CE4231    Earth’s Climate: Science & Modelling
CE4247    Treatment Plant Hydraulic
CE5307    Wave Hydrodynamics and Physical Oceanography
CE5308    Coastal Processes & Sediment Transport
CE5312    River Mechanics
CE5313    Groundwater Hydrology
CE5883    Topics in Hydraulic & Water Resources
OT5101    Exploration and Production of Petroleum
OT5201    Marine Statics and Dynamics
OT5202    Analysis & Design of Offshore Structures
OT5203    Design of Floating Structures
OT5204    Moorings & Risers
OT5205    Offshore Pipelines
OT5206    Offshore Foundations
OT5207    Arctic Engineering
OT5208    Fatigue and Fracture for Offshore Structures
OT5881    Topics in Offshore Engineering
OT5882    Topics in Subsea Engineering

Other Technical Modules
CE3101    Integrated Infrastructure Project†
CE3102    Engineering of Socio-Technical Systems
GE2215    Introduction to GIS
GE3238    GIS Design and Practice
CE4291    Special Topics in Civil Engineering
CE5701    Special Topics in Civil Engineering
CE5702    CE Reliability Analysis and Design

depending on the topics covered