Sidebar    Degree Requirements

Students in the Bachelor of Engineering (Biomedical Engineering) Programme are required to fulfil the following requirements to graduate from the programme:

  • Complete a minimum of 160 MCs with a CAP ≥ 2.0;
  • Pass all modules in accordance with Table 3.2.1A;
  • Pass at least two modules of technical electives and two pathway electives as listed here;
  • Satisfy all other requirements as prescribed by the Faculty of Engineering or the University
University Level Requirements 20
General Education Modules (GE) (5 Modules, each of 4MCs)

  • Human and Cultures (H&C)
  • GER 1000 Quantitative Reasoning (QR),
  • Thinking and Expression (T&E)
  • Singapore Studies (SS)
  • GEQ 1000 Asking Questions (AQ)
Unrestricted Electives 32
Programme Requirements
Faculty Requirements: 6
(ES1531 or equivalent) Critical Thinking & Writing1 4
EG2401A    Engineering Professionalism 2
ES1102       English2
Common Core Requirements: 34
MA1511      Mathematics I 2
MA1512      Mathematics II 2
MA1513      Mathematics III 2
CS1010E    Programming Methodology 4
EG1311      Design and Make 4
MLE1010    Materials Engineering Principles and Practice 4
EE2211       Introduction to Machine Learning 4
IE2141        Systems Thinking and Dynamics 4
BN1111       Biomedical Engineering Principles and Practice I 4
BN2111       Biomedical Engineering Principles and Practice I I 4
Biomedical Engineering Major Requirements
BME Core Modules: 28
BN2102      Bioengineering Data Analysis 4
BN2201      Quantitative Physiology for Bioengineers 4
BN2204      Fundamentals of Biomechanics 4
BN2301      Fundamental Biochemistry and Biomaterials for Bioengineers 4
BN2403      Fundamentals of Biosignals Processing and Bioinstrumentation 4
CM1501     Organic Chemistry for Engineersor  CM1121 Basic Organic Chemistry3  4
PC1432      Physics IIE 4
BME Design and Project Modules: 14
BN3101       Biomedical Engineering Design 6
BN4101       BEng Dissertation 8
BME Electives:
Technical Electives (from the modules in Table 3.2.1b) 8
Pathway Electives 8
EG3611A Industrial Attachment4 10
Total 160