Sidebar    Degree Requirements

To qualify for graduation, students must complete a total of 52 modular credits consisting the prescribed 12 coursework module requirements with a minimum CAP of 3.00 (or equivalent to grade ‘B-‘) and a Completed Satisfactory (CS) grade for the Professional Integration (Internship) module.

Students who have met all graduation requirements will be recommended for graduation, subject to approval by both NUS and IFP School.

List of Modules

Complete All Modules
(MCs = Modular Credits)

OT5901 Reservoir Fluid Characterization (2 MCs)
OT5902 Petroleum Geoscience & Drilling (4 MCs)
OT5903 From Reservoir to Wellhead (4 MCs)
OT5904 Petroleum Process (5 MCs)
OT5905 Petroleum Fluid Valorisation (3 MCs)
OT5906 Offshore Field Architecture and Subsea System (3 MCs)
OT5907 Design of Offshore Structures (3 MCs)
OT5908 Subsea Umbilicals, Risers and Flowlines Design (3 MCs)
OT5909 From Construction to Decommissioning (2 MCs)
OT5910 Special Topics on Energy (2 MCs)
OT5911 Offshore Materials, Welding and Corrosion (2 MCs)
OT5912 Development of Offshore Upstream Projects (7 MCs)
OT5913 Professional Integration (Internship) (12 MCs)


6 hours per day every day including lectures, projects, case studies, field work, tutorials, and conferences. Lecturers will come from both academic partners, from the industry, and from research institutes.